Terms & Conditions

Hilton Club Royale Program (“Club Royale”) Terms & Conditions

The following supersedes all prior terms & conditions. By participating or continuing to participate in Club Royale, you (the “Booker”) agree to the following:

  1. Club Royale and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Hilton International LLC its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, partners, employees, and agents (“Hilton”).
  2. Club Royale membership entitles Bookers the right to earn points (“Royales”) which may be redeemed for goods and services at participating Hilton hotels in the Middle East and associated outlets as stated in these Terms and Conditions (“Rewards”). Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash and are offered in good faith, however may not be available if prohibited by law or regulation in Booker’s country of residence. Our list of current partners can be viewed here www.hiltonclubroyale.com and may be updated from time to time.
  3. 31 December is the cut-off date for rooms nights accumulating Royales for the Booker. 31 March of each year is the deadline for claiming Rewards that have been accumulated in the previous year. Any claims after 31 March are not possible, and will lose their value and be considered null and void.
  4. It is solely the responsibility of the Booker to be informed about Club Royale and to request the specific Rewards by contacting the participating hotels or by contacting the Club Royale Desk via email (Jackylyn.sante@hilton.com) or by telephone +971 (0) 4 5737874. The rewards will then be issued to the booker in form of the Club Royale vouchers that can then be used with the partners. Rewards requests placed by telephone will require the Booker to provide account verification. When a Reward is requested, the corresponding number of Royales will be deducted from the Booker’s account.
  5. Rewards are normally valid for 6 months year from date of issuance though Club Royale may, from time to time, offer Rewards with shorter validity periods. Reward validity periods appear on the face of the Reward. Any tax liability incurred (if any) in connection with the receipt and/or use of Rewards, including, but not limited to, any applicable taxes, tourism fees and surcharges is the sole responsibility of the Booker. Incidental charges are the responsibility of the Booker.
  6. Reward stays apply to full Royales redemptions or Royales redemptions combined with money. Redemption stays can be used for standard or premium rooms; both Reward types are for single or double occupancy room rate. At hotels with resort fees, members on Reward stays booked using all Royales will not pay resort fees.
  7. Only current, valid Royales may be used against Rewards. Extension of validity for expired Royales does not apply.
  8. For the purposes of accruing Royales, room nights counted by hotels in the Middle East are considered accurate and final. Cancellations and no-shows will not be recorded. Royales will be awarded as per the category of room booked by the company. Complimentary upgrades do not apply. Restaurant bookings and Conference Meetings will not be result in the accumulation of Royales.
  9. Club Royale is exclusive for corporate Bookers only. Each Booker is responsible to ensure that they are eligible and have the necessary permissions from their company to enrol in Club Royale. Membership in and application for membership in Club Royale is void if prohibited by law in the Booker’s country of residence.
  10. Club Royale has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as Hilton decides to terminate Club Royale, at any time, with or without notice. Bookers will have 6 months from the date the Club Royale termination is announced to accumulate Royales and redeem a desired Reward. For the avoidance of doubt, regardless of the amount you participate in Club Royale, your right to accumulate points and claim Rewards can be terminated by Hilton 6 months after Hilton announces termination of Club Royale.
  11. Club Royale reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, procedures, conditions, benefits, or Rewards pertaining to Club Royale at its sole discretion, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of Royales already accumulated. This means that Club Royale may make changes that affect, but are not limited to, participating Hilton hotels in the Middle East and associated outlets (“Associated Partners“), rules for earning Royales, redeeming Royales, rules and procedures for the use of Rewards, continued availability of Rewards and Reward types.
  12. Hilton hotels in the Middle East reserve the right to amend or withdraw Royales.
  13. The sale or barter of any Royales or Rewards is prohibited. Any Royales or Rewards which Hilton deems in its sole discretion to have been transferred, sold or assigned in violation of Club Royale Terms and Conditions may be confiscated or cancelled.
  14. Hilton reserves the right to suspend or discontinue Royales membership, for any Booker who appears to be using Club Royale in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or intent of Club Royale or any portion of Club Royale, including, but not limited to, Reward redemption. Hilton also reserves the right to discontinue membership for any Booker who Hilton believes, or if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting, in its sole discretion, has:
    • a. acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable local or federal laws, regulations or ordinances,
    • b. breached or violated any of these Club Royale Terms and Conditions,
    • c. engaged in any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour, theft, misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the account, including without limitation, involving Reward redemption, or other Booker benefits, or
    • d. engaged in any abusive, fraudulent, disruptive, inappropriate, offensive or hostile conduct, whether it be physical, verbal or written in nature, towards any hotel within the Hilton portfolio or their guests or employees, or towards Hilton or any of its employees or contractors,

    Such discontinued membership may result in the loss of all accumulated Royales and the cancellation of the Bookers membership to Club Royale. In addition to discontinuance of Club Royale membership, Hilton shall have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including, without limitation, criminal prosecution, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.

  1. Each Booker is responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the Club Royale Terms and Conditions and as to the number of Royales in their account. Hilton may attempt, but is not required, to send correspondence to active Bookers to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Royales forfeiture or Club Royale changes. Neither Hilton, nor Associated Partners will be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of Booker contact information, for problems related to any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized by the Booker, for any human error, for any interruption, deletion, omission, defect, or line failure of any telephone network or electronic transmission, for problems relating to computer equipment, software, inability to access any Web site or on-line service, for any other technical or non-technical error or malfunction, for lost, late, stolen, illegible, incomplete, garbled, misdirected, mutilated or postage due mail or other mail or e-mail for whatever reason. Each Booker is responsible for advising Hilton, of any changes to their contact information.
  2. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Hilton be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of Club Royale or any such other products and services, even if a Club Royale authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  3. Hilton, is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for changes or discontinuances of the Associated Partner’s service or product(s) which may affect Rewards offered or the accrual or devaluation of Royales.
  4. Hilton process your personal information in accordance with the Hilton Global Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). By participating in Club Royale, Hilton may collect additional personal information from you. Hilton may also use and share your personal information in the ways described below, in addition to what is described in the Privacy Policy. These Terms and Conditions supplement the Privacy Policy with respect to our processing of the personal information of Club Royale Bookers. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, you must elect not to join Club Royale. Additional personal information that Hilton collect includes information that you provide when you enroll in Club Royale or when you manage your profile online. During enrollment, Hilton require that you provide your name, physical address and e-mail address. When you manage your profile online, you have the opportunity to provide additional information about your preferences, your language preferences, your preferences for receiving news, offers and information from companies that are part of Hilton, and to create a User ID and password. In addition to the uses and sharing described in the Privacy Policy, Hilton may use and share relevant portions of your personal information in order to administer Club Royale. This may include sharing your personal information with our business partners in order to credit you with Rewards earned through your participation in Club Royale. By enrolling, you also consent to the transfer of your information to countries where our information processing facilities, business operations and hotels are located, including the United States and other countries where data protection laws may differ from those of your home country. As a Booker, you may receive additional communications from us, including Club Royale statements, third party news and offers specifically for Bookers, and co-branded messages from our business partners. You may change the communications you receive from us by logging onto your account online and managing your subscriptions, or by contacting us in the manner described in the Privacy Policy. Hilton may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on our website. Hilton may also modify the Privacy Policy from time to time as described in the Privacy Policy. Your continued participation in Club Royale following the posting of changes to these Terms and Conditions, or to the Privacy Policy, will indicate your acceptance of the changes.
  5. You will not directly or indirectly pay, offer, give or promise to pay or authorize the payment of any money or other things of value to an official or employee of a government, public organization or Hilton, any political party or candidate if any such payment, offer, act or authorization is for purposes of influencing official actions or decisions or securing any improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business, or engage in acts or transactions otherwise in violation of any applicable anti-bribery legislation or any of Hilton’s policies.
  6. Neither you nor your company own or are controlled by a “Restricted Person”, which is defined as (1) the government of any country subject to an embargo imposed by the United States government, (2) an individual or entity located in or organized under the laws of a country that is subject to an embargo imposed by the United States Government, (3) individuals or entities ordinarily resident in any country subject to an embargo imposed by the United States Government, or (4) individuals or entities identified by a government or legal authority with whom you or Hilton are prohibited or restricted from doing business including persons designated under the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List of Specially Designated Nationals and Other Blocked Persons (including terrorists and narcotics traffickers); and similar restricted party listings, including those maintained by other governments pursuant to United Nations, regional or national trade or financial sanctions.  You will notify Hilton in writing immediately upon any occurrence of the above events.
  7. Funds received or paid in connection with entry into or performance of this Agreement have not been and will not be derived from or commingled with the proceeds of any activities that are proscribed and punishable under the criminal laws of the United States, and that you are not engaging in this transaction in furtherance of a criminal act, including acts in violation of applicable Anti-Corruption Laws. Should you learn that conduct has or may have occurred in violation of this provision, you will immediately notify Hilton.
  8. Club Royale Terms and Conditions are governed by and are to be construed under the laws of England and Wales with the exclusive jurisdiction of the DIFC Courts.
  9. If you have any questions or feedback regarding Club Royale or the Club Royale website, please contact us at +971 (0) 4 5737874.